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Summit Health provides superior custom-tailored care for mind and body by approaching each individual’s unique needs utilizing medical and non-medical options. Our team of physicians and wellness specialists work with you to personalize a program that ensures your best years are to come.

At Summit Health, we believe in making the most innovative treatments accessible and convenient. Through our telemedicine platform, we are able to service patients in all 50 states. Fill out your intake documents, schedule lab work and physician consultations, and get prescriptions delivered to your door without the hassle of traditional office visits. We believe in empowering and educating patients and making it easy to put your best foot forward. Contact us to take the first step toward optimizing your health today!

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Summit Artwork with tagline white no bac


We believe your best years are something to look forward to. 


At Summit Health, our mission is to provide the newest and most innovative therapies available to enhance physical and mental wellness through our innovative telemedicine platform. With our proactive approach to healthcare, we focus on educating our patients and optimizing every dimension of health. We believe that patients everywhere should have access to the most groundbreaking, transformative treatments at an affordable price. We are committed to creating a new industry standard—affordable, accessible healthcare that empowers patients and enhances all aspects of life.


With fast approaching innovations in medical technology, we aim to revolutionize regenerative medicine by increasing efficiency, expanding access, and lowering costs. We believe in a world where the standard of medicine is not in “sick care”, but in promoting greater overall physical and mental wellness. We are committed to improving accessibility to the latest medical developments through our telehealth platform by increasing affordability, facilitating delivery, and educating the community.


Become A Patient. 

Make the decision to put your best self forward. Reach out to one of our Wellness Specialists to determine which best meets your needs. Not in contact with a Wellness Specialist yet? Email us at

Submit Intake Documents.

Let us get to know you! Fill out our new patient forms and tell us about your goals.

Schedule a Consultation.

Determine if you need lab work done, then schedule a consultation with one of our licensed providers to develop a custom medication program for you.

Medications Shipped to You. 

Order your custom compounded

licensed compounding  pharmacies, and get them delivered to your home! 


I had two knee injuries (meniscus/arthritis) and was full blown menopause.  Tired, agitated, moody, in pain, and having horrible hot flashes that would leave me drenched in sweat.  After consulting with Dave and working with the Summit staff they developed an individual plan that addressed the root of my issues.  I am now able to use the stairs again, get up from the floor again, play with my grandchildren again, and my hormones have been stabilized so well that I no longer have hot flashes or mood swings.  My program was personalized.  It wasn’t a “cookie cutter” program, but was specifically designed for my individual needs.

-Dawn, Patient.

I had been going to the same Dr. for the past 5 years for my hormone checks. The same Dr. refused to treat my symptoms and continued to tell me that I was fine “based on blood work”. I was tired and drained and not feeling the way I should at the young age of 30. I was given Summit’s number by a friend and it changed my life forever. The team at Summit Health knew exactly what I was talking about and knew exactly how I was feeling. If you have a symptom, they have an answer. I was quickly given a blood draw and diagnosed within a few days. The team at Summit health didn’t try to sell me a bunch of nonsense and cost me unnecessary money. They ordered me exactly what I needed and within 3 weeks I was back up, running and feeling like I did 10 years earlier. Thank you, Summit Health for actually caring about my well -being and health.  

-Guy, Patient.


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